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Tshitaputeu nete mamit.

It's drifting off downstream.

Uapaki atiku-uiash tshika kanueniten.

Tomorrow you'll have caribou meat.

Ush nuapaten.

I see a canoe.

Nitshit nete tau.

It's in my house.

Tshui mitshishun a, Puniss?

Do you want to eat, Puniss?

Eshe, tshuapaten a?

Yes, do you see it?

Tanite etat apui?

Where is the paddle?

Aishkat put tshika tshi mishken.

You'll probably be able it find it later.

Mauat, nui tshituten. Nui natshi-natutikueu.

No, I want to leave. I want to go caribou hunting.

Mukᵘ eshkᵘ mishta-katakᵘ tauat atikuat.

But the caribou are still very far away.

Nete a takuan tshitsh?

Is your house over there?

Nin an nitush.

It's my canoe.

Tshika uapaten mate.

Well then, wait and see.

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