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Match written translations

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It's really cold.

Eshe, shash tshekat uapan.

Yes, it's almost dawn.

Shash a uapan?

Is it getting light out?

Mishta-nipiu patshuianitshuap.

The tent is very wet.


It's warm.

Eshe, tshika minu-tshishikau.

Yes, it's going to be nice out.


It's raining.

Tshika minu-tshishikau a?

Is the weather going to be nice?

Miam nukushu pishimᵘ.

The sun is just starting to appear.

Eshe, mishta-ashissiu.

Yes, it's very muddy.

Kie nuapuian iapit mishta-nipiu.

And my blanket is very wet, too.

Tshika tshishiteu.

It's going to be warm.

Mauat, eshkᵘ tipishkau.

No, it's still dark out.

Tshimuanipan utakushit.

It rained yesterday.


The weather is bad.

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