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Inanimate Intransitive Verbs (VII)

it's a nice day, it's cold out, it's raining, it's daybreak...

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Pinute mak Uniam

Tshika minu-tshishikau a?

Is the weather going to be nice?

Eshe, tshika minu-tshishikau.

Yes, it's going to be nice out.

Miam nukushu pishimᵘ.

The sun is just starting to appear.

Tshika tshishiteu.

It's going to be warm.

Tshimuanipan utakushit.

It rained yesterday.

Eshe, mishta-ashissiu.

Yes, it's very muddy.

Mishta-nipiu patshuianitshuap.

The tent is very wet.

Kie nuapuian iapit mishta-nipiu.

And my blanket is very wet, too.

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The weather is bad.


It's raining.


It's really cold.


It's warm.

Shash a uapan?

Is it getting light out?

Eshe, shash tshekat uapan.

Yes, it's almost dawn.

Mauat, eshkᵘ tipishkau.

No, it's still dark out.

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