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Animate Intransitive Verbs (VAI)

I'm thirsty, he visits, she hunts, he goes home, you're hungry...

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Antane mak Pien

Tan eshpanin? Tshuitshin a ute?

How are you? Do you have a house here?

Mauat, nimupin mukᵘ.

No, I'm just visiting.

Natuashish nutshin.

I'm from Natuashish.

Pien nitishinikashun.

My name is Pien (Peter).

Ekᵘ tshin, tshimupin a?

What about you, are you visiting?

Mauat, nete meshkanat nuitshin.

No, I have a house here, over on the road.

Shash a tshekat tshika tshiuen?

Will you be going back soon?

Eshe, uapaki nitshiuen. Tshinataun a ute?

Yes, I'm going back tomorrow. Do you hunt here?

Mauat, nutaui mukᵘ natau.

No, only my father hunts.

Tshan ishinikashu.

His name is Tshan (John).

Tshishiuen a kie ma tshinipakuen?

Are you hungry or thirsty?

Eshe, nishiuen mak ninipakuen.

Yes, I'm hungry and thirsty.

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