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Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the Sheshatshiu dialect. It has been replaced with the Sheshatshiu dialect.

Ishkuau mak ishkushiu (Length)

Learn vocabulary and spelling of verbs (animate intransitive or inanimate intransitive) that indicate length/dimensions. These words also include classifiers indicating specific properties of the objects: metallic, string-like, etc. For more information about Innu verbs:

Study these words

tshinuau vii

it (inanimate) is long

tshinushiu vai

it (animate) is long

tshinuapekan vii

it (inanimate, stringlike) is long

tshinuapetshishiu vai

it (animate, stringlike) is long

tshinuapishkau vii

it (inanimate, mineral) is long

tshinuapissiu vai

it (animate, mineral) is long

tshinuashkuan vii

it (inanimate, sticklike) is long

tshinuashkushiu vai

s/he is tall; it (animate, sticklike) is long, tall

tshinuekan vii

it (inanimate, sheetlike) is long

tshinuetshishiu vai

it (animate, sheetlike) is long

Activity completed