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VII 11a shitamu

Learn to conjugate the verb shitamu "be set up, arranged tight" in Conjugation 11a. 

See: VII, n-stem, 11a.

Study these words

shitamut vii

(quand.../ne pas...) il est fixé serré

u [shitamu] [11a] [0s]

shitamuti vii

(quand.../ne pas...) ils sont fixés serrés

u [shitamu] [11a] [0p]

shitamuńit vii

(quand.../ne pas...) il [obviatif] est fixé serré

u [shitamu] [11a] [0's]

shitamuńiti vii

(quand.../ne pas...) ils [obviatif] sont fixé serrés

u [shitamu] [11a] [0'p]

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