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Aimitutau 1.9

Who are they?

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Conversation 1.9

Kuei nuitsheuakan.

Hello my friend.

Miam a?

Doing well?

Eshe miam, niminupan.

Yes, I'm doing well.

Ipet tshitishinikashun tshia?

Your name is Yvette, right?

Eshe, eukuan eshinikashuian.

Yes, that's my name.

Auen an, auenitshenat anat?

Who's that, who are they?

Nutaui an mak nikaui an.

That's my father and that's my mother.

Tanite uetshipaniht?

Where are they from?

Nete Munianit utshipanuat.

They're from Montreal.

Ekᵘ tshin, tanite uetshipanin?

And you, where are you from?

Ekute kie nin uetshipanian.

I'm from the same city as well.

Tshima minupaniekᵘ kassinu etashiekᵘ, niaut!

I wish all of you well, goodbye!

Iame uenapissish!

See you soon!

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