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Aimitutau 2: Kassenitamᵘ

S/he is sad, grieving

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Conversation 2: S/he is sad, grieving

Kuei Kaien!

Hello Gaëlle!

Miam a?

Are you doing well?



Ekᵘ tshin?

And you?

Miam, niminupan.

Good, I'm doing well.

Tan etamatshuin kashikat?

How are you feeling today?

Tshikasseniten a?

Are you sad?

Eshe, apishish.

Yes, a little.

Uauita! Eka shakuenimu.

Talk about it! Don't be embarrassed.

Patush tshika aimitin eka auen tati.

I'll talk to you later when nobody's around.

Nitaieshkushin, nui tshiuen.

I'm tired, I want to go home.

Eukuan miam, ma minuat.

Alright, see you next time.

Iame uenapissish!

See you soon!



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