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Aimitutau 1: Uauitamᵘ etamatshiut

S/he talks about her/his feelings

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Conversation 1: S/he talks about her/his feelings

Kuei kuei!

Hello hello!



Miam a tshin?

Are you doing well?

Eshe, miam.

Yes, I'm well.



Mauat, apu minupanit.

No, I'm not doing well.

Tshiminukuamuti a tepishkat?

Did you sleep well last night?

Mauat, nasht apu minukuamuian.

No, I really didn't sleep well.

Tshipa tshi a uitshitin?

Can I help you?

Apu tshissenitaman.

I don't know.

Ma tshui uauitamun etamatshuin?

Do you want to tell me about your feelings?

Eku, nipa minueniten.

Okay, I'd be glad to.

Tshe takushinin tshi tshishkutamakuini.

Come and see me after your class.

Eukuan miam, iame.

Sounds good, goodbye.



Activity completed