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Aimitutau 3.4 - Maushutau (kaimitunanut)

Let's go collect seeds (phone call)

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Conversation 3.4 - Let's go collect seeds (phone call)

Nuitsheuakan e!

Hey my friend!

Eshe, tshekuan?

Yes, what?

Tshekuan etutamin?

What are you doing?

Nitaieshkupin, nui natshi-atussen tshi apita-tshishikati.

I'm getting ready, I want to go work this afternoon.

Eukuan! Tshekuanitshe ma etutak tshitenimititi. Nui natshi-maushun au nin.

Okay! What does s/he have to do, I was thinking. Me, I want to go collect seeds.

Tshekuan an ua mautain?

What will you collect/pick?

Tanite tshe itutein?

Where will you go?

Uishatshiminana nui mautan, nete shinueu nika ituten. Mishta-mitshena nete nitikuti nikuss.

I want to collect red seeds, I'll go over there at the edge of the bend. There are a lot of them, my son told me.

Eshe, tapue. Eukuan essishuenanut.

Yes, it's true. That's what they say.

Tshika uitamatin tshi takushiniani.

I'll tell you when I get back.

Eka atusseianakue, tshipa uitshetinapan.

If I didn't have to work, I would've gone with you.

Tshima minu-atussein. Iame.

May you work well. Goodbye.


I thank you.

Activity completed