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VTI Conjunct

Sentences with the negative particle apu 'not', question-word questions with tshekuan 'what', tanite 'where' and tsheukuannu uet 'why', and subordinate clauses


Study the following

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Pinashue mak Uniam

Tshekuan miamitunenitamin?

What are you thinking about?

Apu tshekuan mamitunenitaman.

I'm not thinking about anything.

Ekᵘ tshin?

And you?

Niminueniten nititeniten.

I'm thinking that I'm happy.

Tshekuan etutamin?

What are you doing?


I'm cutting wood.

Tshiminuaten a tshemikaitshein?

Do you like cutting wood?

Mauat, apu minuataman, mukᵘ nui apashtanan mita.

No, I don't like it, but we need wood.

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Shunien mak Mani

Natuashish nete tau ninapem.

My husband is in Natuashish.

Tipishkaniti ute tshika tau, kapimipanniti tshika pushu.

He will arrive tonight by plane.

Apu minuatak nete Natuashish.

He doesn't like it in Natuashish.

Tshekuannu uet eka minuatak?

Why doesn't he like it?

Apu tshi kusset.

He can't fish.

Tshekuannu uet eka tshi kusset nete Natuashish?

Why can't he fish in Natuashish?

Apu ututit.

He doesn't have a boat.

Tanite tekuannit utush?

Where is his boat?

Tshishe-shatshit ute takuannu.

It's here in Sheshatshiu.

Minuatamᵘ a tshinapem e kusset?

Does your husband like to fish?



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