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Transitive Animate Verbs (VTA)

see someone, place something (animate), hide something (animate), know someone, remember someone

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Pinashue mak Shimun

Tshinishtuapamau a Pien?

Do you know Pien (Peter)?

Eshe, ninishtuapamau.

Yes, I know him.

Eukuan ne peikᵘ nuitsheuakan.

He's one of my friends.

Tshuapamau a ne napess?

Do you see that boy over there?

Shuaush an?

Is it Shuaush (George)?

Eshe, eukuan Shuaush, nitshissitutuau an, Pien nenua ushima.

Yes, that's Shuaush (George), I remember him, he's Pien's (Peter's) younger brother.

Tshitapam ma, piminueu namesha.

Look at him, he's cooking fish.

Akua, ute pet itapu.

Watch out, he's looking this way.

Ui kaneu namesha.

He's trying to hide the fish.

Ishkutet anite aneu.

He's putting it on the fire.


It's making me hungry.

Mauat nin, shash nitshi mitshishun.

Not me, I've already eaten.

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