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will, going to, might, want to

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Pinute mak Shimun

Tanite etat Tshan?

Where is Tshan (John)?

Sheshatshit nete tau.

He's in Sheshatshiu.

Uapanniti tshika takushinu, kie ushima tshika takushinnua.

He will be coming tomorrow and his younger brother will be coming, too.

Uipat a tshika natshi-kussen?

Will you be going fishing early?

Eshe, uipat nui tshituten, kie nitaui tshika natshi-kusseu.

Yes, I want to leave early, and my father will be going fishing (too).

Ekᵘ tshin, tshika natshi-nataun a?

What about you, will you be going hunting?

Eshe, uapaki put nipa tshi tshituten.

Yes, I might leave tomorrow.

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