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Aimitutau 2.8

Country food

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Conversation 2.8

Kuei Ipet.

Hello Yvette.



Ma nita tshimitshin tshin mush-uiash?

Have you ever eaten moose meat?

Eshe, peikuau. Mishta-uikan.

Yes, once. It's very good.

Shash kie nitshi muau amishkᵘ, ekᵘ tshin?

I've also eaten beaver meat before, how about you?

Mauat, mukᵘ nipa minueniten kutshipuk.

No, but I'd like to taste it.

Shash kie tshekat nishkat tshika papinauat, nissi-pishimua.

Soon the Canada geese will arrive in flight, in May.

Eukuan minuat tshe shakapuenanut, tshika uitshitu nishk.

It will be time to roast on the spit, that Canada goose will be delicious.

Eukuan etutuakanit kie ne amishkᵘ.

That's how they do it with the beaver [meat] as well.

Mukᵘ uin, mishta-pimiu.

But it [beaver meat] is very fatty.

Eukuan kanapua, shash nimishta-shiuen eshpish uauitamakᵘ mitshim.

So there you go, I'm already so hungry since we started talking about food.

Iame uenapissish.

See you soon.



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