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E tshishitet mak e takat tshekuan (Hot and Cold)

Learn vocabulary and spelling of verbs (animate intransitive or inanimate intransitive) that indicate what is hot or cold. These words also include classifiers indicating specific properties of the objects: mineral, liquid, etc. For more information about Innu verbs:

Study these words

takau vii

it (inanimate) is cold; it is cold out (weather)

tatshishiu vai

it (animate) is cold

tshishiteu vii

it (inanimate) is hot; it is hot out (weather)

tshishishu vai

it (animate) is hot; s/he is hot

takapishkau vii

it (inanimate, mineral) is cold

takapissiu vai

it (animate, mineral) is cold

tshishapissiteu vii

it (inanimate, mineral) is hot

tshishapissiu vai

it (animate, mineral) is hot

tatshikamu vii

it (inanimate, liquid) is cold

tatshikamishiu vai

it (animate, liquid) is cool, has cooled

tshishakamiteu vii

it (inanimate, liquid) is hot

tshishakamishu vai

it (animate, liquid) is hot

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