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Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the East dialect. It has been replaced with the East dialect.

Innu-mitshim (Innu Food)

Reading and writing in Innu with thematic vocabulary

Study these words

apuan ni

meat roasted over a fire on a stick

atiku-pimi ni

(rendered) caribou grease

atiku-uiash ni

caribou meat

innu-pakueshikan na


mush-uiash ni

moose meat

niuaikanat na

dried, powdered (caribou or moose) meat

pashteu-uiash ni

dried (caribou or moose) meat

pimikan ni

mixture of powdered dried meat and melted fat

shaieuat na

beans, dried beans

shikuteu-minapui ni

bakeapple (cloudberry) jam

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