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Utakussiti nika tshishkutamakaun innu-aimun, usham nui innu-aimin!

Tonight I'll have Innu language classes, because I want to speak Innu!

Eka patshitenimu!

Don't get discouraged!

Patetat-tatutipaikana mak pushkᵘ takuaki.

At 5:30 p.m.

Ekᵘ ma, tshiminuaten a eshi-tshishkutamakuin?

So, do you like what they're teaching you?

Eukuan miam, niaut!

Okay good, goodbye!

Tshitshishkutamakaun a anutshish?

Do you have any classes today?

Tan tatutipaikana tshe tshitutein?

What time will you go?

Anumat niminuaten.

I really like it a lot.

Iame uenapissish!

See you soon!


I find it difficult.

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