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Match written translations

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Peikunnu ashu patetat.


Ekᵘ tshin, tanite uetshipanin?

And you, where are you from?

Nuitsheuakan e!

Hey my friend!

Ekuanitshit nutshipan mukᵘ ute Uashat nitapin.

I'm from Ekuanitshit but I live here in Uashat.

Tanite uetshipanin?

Where are you from?

Eshe, auen tshin?

Yes, who are you?

Ani au nin.

I'm Annie.



Tan eshinikashuin?

What's your name?

Ekᵘ tshin, tan eshinikashuin?

And you, what's your name?

Shaushet nitishinikashun.

My name is Georgette.

Munianit nutshipan.

I'm from Montreal.

Tan etatupipuneshin?

How old are you?

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