Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the Western dialect. It has been replaced with the Western dialect.

Recognize new word translations

Listen, then click the corresponding translation

envoyons-le/la qqpart! (nous [inclusif])

envoyons-le/la/les [obviatif] qqpart! (nous [inclusif])

écoutons-les! (nous [inclusif])

amenons-le/la par ici! (nous [inclusif])

amenons-les par ici! (nous [inclusif])

amenons-le/la/les [obviatif] par ici! (nous [inclusif])

regardons-le/la/les [obviatif]! (nous [inclusif])

accompagnons-le/la! (nous [inclusif])

accompagnons-les! (nous [inclusif])

accompagnons-le/la/les [obviatif]! (nous [inclusif])

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