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Match written translations

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Eshe, nanitam uapamituat.

Yes, they see each other all the time.

Natuashish anite tau.

He's in Natuashish.

Mukᵘ uapamiku utauia.

But his father can see him.

Mukᵘ tshi uapamiku utauia.

But his father can see him.

Utemu a Tshaune?

Does Tshaune (Johnny) have a dog?

Uapanniti tshika aimiku utishkuema.

His wife will be talking to him tomorrow.

Eshe. Nanitam nashaku utema.

Yes, his dog follows him all the time.

Utemu a Tshan?

Does Tshan (John) have a dog?

Minuatituat a?

Do they like each other?

Tanite etat Pun?

Where is Pun (Paul)?

Kashushtueu utauia.

He's hiding from his father.

Tanite etat Tshan?

Where is Tshan (John)?

Tanite etat Tshaune?

Where is Tshaune (Johnny)?

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