Uh-oh! We don't have this lesson in the Sheshatshiu dialect. It has been replaced with the Sheshatshiu dialect.

Match written translations

Click the Innu word/phrase and its corresponding translation

Napeu an.

That's a man.

Mashinaikan an.

That's a book.

Auass an.

That's a child.

Ishkueu an.

That's a woman.

Massin an.

That's a shoe.

Mishtikᵘ an.

That's a stick.

Auen an?

Who is that (over there)?

Ishkuess an.

That's a girl.

Napess an.

That's a boy.

Natukun an.

That's medicine.

Tshekuan an?

What's that (over there)?

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