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Aimitutau 2.1

A radio show: Aimitutau "Let's talk together!"

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Conversation 2.1

Anutshish, peikunnu ashu nishuasht shetan-pishimᵘ nishutshishemitashumitannu ashu peikunnu ashu peikushteu, ka itashtet mishta-atshitashun.

Today is July seventeenth, two thousand nineteen.

Nishim Ani aimiatau.

Let's talk with my younger sister [or: younger brother] Annie.

Kuei Ani!

Hello Annie!

Tan eshpanin? Tshiminupan a?

How are you? Are you doing well?


I'm tired!

Nitakushin, nishtikuan nitakushin.

I'm sick, my head hurts.

Tshui apashtan a tshekuan?

Do you want something?

Mauat apu tshekuan ui apashtaian.

No, I don't want anything.


Tell us about yourself!

Auen tshin?

Who are you?

Tan eshinikashuin?

What's your name?

Tanite uetshipanin?

Where are you from?

Tan etatupipuneshin?

How old are you?

Ani nitishinikashun.

My name is Annie.

Ekuanitshit nutshipan.

I'm from Ekuanitshit.

Nineunnuepipuneshin ashu patetat.

I'm forty-five years old.

Apu tshishenniuian.

I'm not old.

Tan etatussein?

What is your job/profession?

Nikatshishkutamatsheshkueun, eukuan etatusseian.

I am a [female] teacher, that's what I do for work.

Tshinashkumitinan katshi takushinin.

We thank you for your visit.

Niminueniten katshi takushinian.

I'm happy to have come.

Activity completed