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Conversation 1 - Praxis 2024

Nishtuapamitutau - Getting to know each other

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Conversation 1 - Praxis 2024

Kuei Ipet !

Hi Ipet!

Miam a tshin? Tshiminupan a?

Are you ok? Are you well?

1) Eshe, miam. Niminupan, nimishta-minupan.

Yes, all good. I'm well, very well.

1) Eukuan!


2) Mauat. Nasht apu minupanian.

No. I'm not well at all.

2) Tan etin eku?

What's wrong?

2) Nitakushin, nutatshikumin.

I'm sick, I have a cold.

Tshekuan etutamin ?

What are you doing?

1) Nitatussen.

I'm working.

2) Nitshishkutamakaun.

I have a class.

3) Nipiminuen.

I'm cooking.

4) Apu tshekuan tutaman.

I'm not doing anything.

Ekᵘ tshin?

And you?

1) Nitatussen kie nin.

I'm also working.

2) Nitshishkutamakaun kie nin.

I also have a class.

3) Nipiminuen kie nin.

I'm also cooking.

4) Apu tshekuan tutaman kie nin.

I'm not doing anything either.

Anite Munianit nutshipan. Eku tshin tanite uetshipanin?

I'm from Montreal. And you, where are you from?

Nete Ekuanitshit nutshin.

I'm from Ekuanitshit.

Niminueniten katshi natshishkatan.

I'm happy that I met you.

Kie nin. Ma minuat tshika uapamitin.

Me too. I'll see you again soon.

Iame uenapissish.

Bye, see you soon.

Niaut nuitsheuakan.

Goodbye my friend.

Activity completed