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Aimitutau 3.6 - Ataueu, ui aiau massina

S/he is shopping, wants to buy shoes

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Conversation 3.6 - S/he is shopping, wants to buy shoes

Kuei kuei!

Hello hello!

Kuei, tshinatuapaten a tshekuan? Tshipa tshi uitshitin a?

Hello, are you looking for something? Can I help you?

Eshe, nimassina nui aian.

Yes, I want to buy my shoes.

Tan etashteti tiepishkamin?

What is your shoe size?

Kutuasht put kie ma nishuasht.

6 or maybe 7.

Umeni nipa kutishken.

I'll try these ones.

Umeni kutuasht itashteua, kutishka. Eka tepishkamini, nika petan kutaka.

These are all size 6, try them. If they don't fit, I'll bring out some others.

Nimunaunen neni. Mukᵘ mishta-apishashua.

I like these ones. But they are too small.

Eukuan miam, nika naten nishuasht etashteti.

Alright, I'll go get a size 7.

Eukuani umeni tshe aiaian. Tan etatshitakaniti?

I will buy these. How much are they?

Neunnueiapiss ashu nishuasht.

47 [dollars].


I thank you.

Activity completed