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Aimitutau 3.5 - Natshishkueu peikᵘ auennua

Meeting someone

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Conversation 3.5 - Meeting someone

Kuei, apu a ute auen?

Hello, is anyone sitting here?

Mauat, api!

No, have a seat!

Nui min kapi.

I want to drink a coffee.

Eukuan. Mishta-uitshitu kapi ute. Nekautuat kie mishta-uitshituat.

Okay. The coffee here is very good. The cakes are also very good.

Eukuan miam. Tan eshinikatikuin?

Okay, great. What's your name?

Kaien nitishinikashun. Ekᵘ tshin?

My name is Gaëlle. And you?

Ipet au nin.

I'm Yvette.

Enut a ute tekushinin?

Is this your first time coming here?

Eshe. Ninatshi-mamatau-pikutan anite pessish.

Yes. I'm going to watch a movie [at the cinema] near here.

Tshekuan tshe tshitapatamin?

What are you going to see?

Ne ussi-kanu ka tutuakanit, innuat ka uauinanuti: Kuessipan.

The new film about the Innu people: Kuessipan.

Tshika mishta-minunen. Shash nitshi-uapaten utakushit.

You'll like it. I went to see it yesterday.

Tapue a!


Eshe. Tshika uauitenan. Tshitapueten a?

Yes. We'll talk about it again. Do you want to?

Uemut uin.




Eku! Ma minuat. Iame.

Ok! Another time. Goodbye.

Activity completed