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Aimitutau 3.3 - Natukunish (kaimitunanut)

The doctor (phone call)

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Conversation 3.3 - The doctor (telephone call)




[His/her friend]

Kuei Kaien.

Hello Gaëlle.

Kuei Ipet.

Hello Yvette.

Tshuapamati a tshin natukunish?

Have you seen the doctor?

Mauat, mishta-shashish apu uapamak.

No, I haven't seen him for a long time.

Nimamituneniten kanapua. Nuishamikᵘ itakanu natukunish.

I think about it of course. They say the doctor asks to see me.

Tshekuan ma?


Tshitakushin a anite uiesh?

Are you injured or in pain?

Mauat, nimishta-minuinniun au.

No, I'm in very good health.

Tshekuanitshe ma utin, tshekuannu uet uishamishkᵘ. Ma tshe tipatshimushtuin, tshe pet aimikan.

Why is that, why did he want to talk to you. You can tell me about it, you'll tell me.

Eukuan miam nuitsheuakan, tshika aimitin.

It's all good my friend, I'll tell you.



Iame uenapissish.

See you soon.

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