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Aimitutau 3.2 - Matshunisha


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Conversation 3.2 - Clothing

Tshipa uitsheun a, nui natshi-aian nimatshunishima?

Will you come with me, I want to go buy some clothes?

Eukuan miam.


Tan tatutipaikana tshe tshitshipatain?

Around what time will you leave by car?

Uipat nika ui tshitshipatan, eshkᵘ eka mishta-mitshetunanut atautshuapit.

I'll leave early before there are plenty of people in the shops.

Tshika nashin a ute nitshit?

Will you come pick me up?

Eshe, peikutipaikana mak pushkᵘ shash nika apin unuitimit.

Yes, I'll be outside your place around 1:30 p.m.

Tshekuan ua aian?

What do you want to buy?

Anakapeshakanat, patshuiana mak peikussin.

Pants, shirts and a pair of shoes.

Eukuan. Tshika ashuapamitin.

Okay. I'll wait for you.


Goodbye. [east]


Goodbye. [west]

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