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Aimitutau 3.1 - Kushpinanu

A trip to the north

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Conversation 3.1 - A trip to the north

Shash a tshin tshitshi kushpipatan?

Have you ever been out in the woods in a wheeled vehicle?

Eshe, uemut uin, mitshetuau kie.

Yes, of course, several times too.

Mitshet aueshishat, tshuapamauauat a?

Do you see many animals?

Anumat mitshet nuapamananat.

We see several.

Ume anutshish pishimᵘ, nishkat mitshet uapamakanuat.

This month [May] we see many Canada geese.

Ekᵘ anitshenat amishkuat kie atikuat, tshuapamauat a?

What about beavers and caribou, do you see any?

Eshe nuapamauat nanikutini, pepamuteiani anite shakaikanit.

Yes, I see them from time to time, when I walk on the [frozen] lake.

Minuenitakuan anite nutshimit, niminuenimun etaiani.

It's good to be out in the bush, I feel good when I'm there.

Kie nin, nasht apu tshekuan mamitunenitamikuian.

Me too, nothing bothers me.

Eukuan kanapua, tshima minupanin tshe kashikat.

Okay then, I hope you'll have a good day today.

Iame uenapissish.

See you soon.

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