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Aimitutau 2.4

Someone is sick

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Conversation 2.4

Tan eshpanit tshuitsheuakan?

How is your friend doing?

Apu shukᵘ minupanit.

S/he is not doing very well.

Nasht apu minupanit.

S/he is not doing well at all.

Tan etit?

What's the matter with her/him?

Akushu. Utatshikumu.

S/he is sick. S/he has a cold.

Tshitshue takau kashikat kie!

It's really cold out today as well!

Eka tapue!

Yes indeed!


S/he must have caught a chill.

Ekᵘ tshin, tan etin?

And you, how are you doing?

Apu tshekuan itian. Enuet niminuinniun.

There's nothing wrong with me. I'm still in good health.

Eukuan miam!

Okay, that's good!

Iame uenapissish!

See you soon!

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