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Aimitutau 2.6


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Conversation 2.6

Kuei, anite Ekuanitshit uetshipanin, tshia?

Hello, you're from Ekuanitshit, right?

Tanite epin tshin?

Where do you live?

Mitshuapit nitapin.

I live in a house.

Ekᵘ tshin, tanite epin?

And you, where do you live?

Nitauiashun mitshuap, nishtina katshipaikanisha.

I rented an apartment; it has three bedrooms.

Mishashu anite epian.

It's fairly big where I live.

Ka auiashunanut an mitshuap tshitapin a?

You live in an apartment?

Eshe, ekute epian.

Yes, that's where I live.

Mitshena anite kutaka ka auiashunanuti mitshuapa.

There are many apartments for rent.

Tshiminuaten a?

Do you like it?

Eshe, anumat nimupin.

Yes, I'm very comfortable [there].

Eukuan… tapue a?

I see… really?



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