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Aimitutau 2.5

Cold weather

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Conversation 2.5

Kuei, miam a?

Hello, doing well?

Eshe miam.

Yes, fine.

Shushepin nitishinikatakaun, ekᵘ tshin, auen tshin?

They call me Josephine, and you, who are you?

Ipet nitishinikashun.

My name is Yvette.

Tanite uetshipanin?

Where are you from?

Nutashkuanit nutshipan, mukᵘ ute Munianit nitapin.

I'm from Nutashkuan, but I live in Montreal.

Ekᵘ tshin?

And you?

Anite Munianit nutshipan.

I'm from Montreal.

Shash minuat piuan tshia!?

It's snowing again, isn’t it!?

Eshe, kie mishta-takau!

Yes, and it's very cold!

Eukuan eshinakuak tshishe-pishimᵘ, tshitshue takau.

That's how it is in January, it's very cold.

Apu shikatshin a?

You're not too cold?

Niminuashpishun kanapua, apu shikatshian.

I'm dressed warmly, I'm not too cold.

Enuet ma!

Well that's good, at least!

Ekuan kanapua, niaut!

That's it for now, goodbye!



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