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Aimitutau 2.3

Innu language class

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Conversation 2.3

Miam a nuitsheuakan?

Doing well, my friend?

Kuei nuitsheuakan! Eshe miam.

Hello my friend! Yes [I'm] fine.

Ekᵘ tshin, tan eshpanin?

And you, how are you?

Niminupan, tshinashkumitin.

I'm well, thanks.

Tshekuan etutamin?

What are you doing?

Apu tshekuan tutaman.

I'm not doing anything special.

Eshkᵘ nitshishkutamakaun innu-aimun.

I'm taking Innu language classes again.

Ekᵘ, tshiminuaten a?

So, do you enjoy it?

Uemut uin.

Absolutely, of course.


I see!

Nakatuenimitishu! Ma minuat tshika uapamitunan.

Take care! We'll see each other another time.

Eukuan miam!

Okay, great!



Iame uenapissish!

See you soon!

Activity completed