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Aimitutau 2.2


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Conversation 2.2

Kuei, kuei! Tshekuan etutamin nuitsheuakan?

Hello, hello! What are you doing my friend?

Nasht apu tshekuan tutaman, nitshitamin kie nimueshtaten.

I'm not doing anything, I'm feeling lazy and I'm troubled [I'm sad].

Tshekuan ma?

How come?

Tshiueuat nananat nitauassimat.

My children have left.


I'm worried [about them].

Tan etashiht anitshenat?

How many [children] do you have?

Nishtuat, peikᵘ ishkuess mak nishᵘ napessat.

I have three: one girl and two boys.

Ekᵘ tshin, tan etin?

And you, what's going on with you?

Nishiuen. Tshishiuen a? Mua mitshishutau!

I'm hungry. Are you hungry? Come, let's eat!

Tshekuan tshe mitshiakᵘ?

What shall we eat?

Nishk tshika muakanu!

We will eat Canada goose!


I'm very hungry!

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