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Etit auen (Senses)

Learn vocabulary and spelling of transitive verbs (which take animate and inanimate objects) in relation to the five senses. For more information about Innu verbs:

Study these words

uapatamᵘ vti

s/he sees it

uapameu vta

s/he sees him/her, it (anim)

kutshishtamᵘ vti

s/he tastes it

kutshipueu vta

s/he tastes it (anim)

minatamᵘ vti

s/he, it (anim) smells or catches the scent of it

minameu vta

s/he, it (anim) smells or catches the scent of him/her, it (anim)

petamᵘ vti

s/he hears it

petueu vta

s/he hears him/her, it (anim)

tatshinamᵘ vti

s/he touches it with her/his hand

tatshineu vta

s/he touches him/her, it (anim) with her/his hand

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