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VAI 11a akushu, mishishtu, shikatshu, tshitimu (1,2,3,4)

Learn to conjugate animate intransitive verbs in Conjugation 11a in the singular.

See: VAI, short i-stem, 11a.

Study these words

mishishtian vai

(quand.../ne pas...) je suis grand, gros

short i [mishishtu] [11a] [1s]

mishishtin vai

(quand.../ne pas...) tu es grand, gros

short i [mishishtu] [11a] [2s]

mishishtit vai

(quand.../ne pas...) il/elle est grand, gros

short i [mishishtu] [11a] [3s]

mishishtińiti vai

(quand.../ne pas...) il/elle [obviatif] est grand, gros; ils/elles [obviatif] sont grands, gros

short i [mishishtu] [11a] [4]

tshitimian vai

(quand.../ne pas...) je suis paresseux

short i [tshitimu] [11a] [1]

tshitimin vai

(quand.../ne pas...) tu es paresseux

short i [tshitimu] [11a] [2]

tshitimit vai

(quand.../ne pas...) il/elle est paresseux

short i [tshitimu] [11a] [3]

tshitimińiti vai

(quand.../ne pas...) il/elle [obviatif] est paresseux; ils/elles [obviatif] sont paresseux

short i [tshitimu] [11a] [4]

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